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  1. Identification of (relevant) information
  2. Definition of key processes
    1. Information/data ownership
    2. Access rights
  3. Process verification and monitoring (see theme "Digital Trust")
  4. Proving the integrity (see theme "Investigation of cyber attacks")


  • Case Metso + pilot
  • Access guidelines
  • Processes
  • Asset management
  • Can process be used as a way to protect information?


  • TBD

Research questions

Industrial partners

Organization*Contact personRole & contribution
Huoltovarmuuskeskus?Kalle Luukkainen?

*Color code:
Orange: "wish list" of companies to participate

Research partners

OrganizationContact personRole & contribution


  1. Anonymous

    Verifiable independent authentic evidence needs to be available later on for neutral audit.

  2. Anonymous

    Preparedness. Building capabilities:

    • planning
      • avoiding dangerous job combinations (vaaralliset työyhdistelmät)
    • processes
      • incl. evidence management
      • incl. MIM (Major Incident Management) process
    • deception (incl. honey potting)
    • training
    • building
    • testing
    • auditing

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