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NameCompany name
Jorma MellinSSH Communications Security Oyj
Reijo SavolaVTT
Markko KomssiF-Secure Oyj
Kimmo HalunenVTT

Research topic A

Title of research topic

National Quantum Safe Encryption Solutions
Covers elements from proposalsDevSecOps (10), Accountability of Digital Trust (3)

Additional comments

Research question #1

How PQC algorithms can be implemented for protecting data in transit (ipsec, macsec, ssh, http, others)?Both stream encryption and signing algorithms, signaling requirements, API requirements, performance impact.
Key activities

Implement proof-of-concept with selected and suitable environment.

Testing for performance, resiliency and suitability for national transport networks.

Tools & methodsPossible PoCs include virtual simulation or SSH NQX platform.
DeliverablesWorking test platform that implements PQC (NIST phase2 algorithms).
Application areas

Research question #2

What criteria to use for implementation certification, what resources are needed?How to analyze both algorithms and implementations, in theory and in practice.
Key activitiesCreation of national Quantum Strategy and evaluation metrics for certification/acceptance of products and solutions.
Tools & methods

DeliverablesQuantum Strategy (incl. export policy). Basic metrics for evaluation. Product certification criteria.
Application areas

Research question #3

Should Finland have a valid cryptography community and what international partners are most desirable?
Key activities

Tools & methodsWorkshops, seminars, Web -presence, ...
DeliverablesStrategy paper for national use. Active community for interested parties, both public and private organiations.
Application areas

Industrial partners

SSH Oyj, Erillisverkot Oy, Insta Oy,

Research partners

Aalto University (or OTANANO), VTT, Puolustusvoimat, Kyberturvallisuuskeskus

Relevant public authorities

Themes & topics for international co-operation

PQC testbed (creation of Quantum Safe Network as VPN over the Internet).

International partners

National Research Council Canada, KTH Sweden, Russian Quantum Center, others including USA (e.g NIST?), China. KU Leuven, Belgium.

Schedule / Duration

Estimated effort - industry

Estimated effort - research

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