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  • CyberSec in industrial companies
  • CyberSec assessment
  • Digital identity
  • ability to control increasing intelligence
  • IoT ecosystem solutions
  • Cyber security of a whole value network
  • Business cases?
  • Risk vs business?
  • How to ensure accessibility of data also from remote sites and from machines of subcontractors and suppliers?
  • International dimension!
  • Monitored and controlled mobile equipments with wireless communication (automated and remote contolled)

Research questions

Industrial partners

OrganizationContact personRole & contribution
AIKO cluster




Insta Defsec

Missing Link

Satron Instruments

Ponsse / EPEC



Research partners

OrganizationContact personRole & contribution

Tampere University/ITC/Computing Sciences

Bill Silverajan,

Antonis Michalas

  • Lightweight Authentication, Encryption and Key Exchange
  • Software and Software/Hardware Hybrid Attestation 
  • Secure Onboarding, Provisioning and Firmware Updating
  • Secure Management of Virtualisation Technologies (VMs and Containers)
  • ML-based Anomaly Detection in Remote/Edge Networks
  • Advanced UIs for Security Data Visualisation