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Dimensions of the Digital Trust Program

There are three main topics on the Environment of the Digital Trust, namely Security, Accountability, and Privacy. Aim is to focus to Accountability.

The architectural framework that describes dimensions of the Digital Trust Program. The goal of the framework is to be able to define more clearly what the Digital Trust program wish to solve, and how the applications should define themselves. The dimensions should help define the key areas that are necessary for the digital trust to be created. 

Editable PPT version here

The vertical axis (Layers of Digital Trust)

The stack describes the Layers of Digital Trust, as seen relevant in terms of the program. It's similar to the well known TCP/IP and the OSI models. The stack defines the different layers the program applications should focus their solutions to. An application can choose one or more layers, as it is likely the layers solutions are dependant of each other and thus will interact with each other as well.


Governance layer contains the structures, contracts and models that the Digital Trust Solutions require in order to function at a high level. The governance layer should answer to questions like "Who makes decisions? How are decisions made? How are restrictions and rules enforced and monitored at the lower levels?"

Identity governance is the policy-based centralized orchestration of user identity management and access control. Identity governance helps support enterprise IT security and regulatory compliance.

"Rulebook and governance models". Identity governance is based on agreements as a framework for all access.

Transport & network



The horizontal axis (framework)

 Describe the framework here...


  • Describe the "Layers of Digital Trust" (AP: Antti Kettunen, Tieto)
  • Describe the "Cybersecurity framework" (AP: Marko Komssi, F-Secure)
  • Consolidate common themes (AP: all with their own themes)
  • Map them to the framework (Next workshop)

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