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Description of the event

Operational principles

Financial model


National or international

Other comments about the event

Smart Industry hackaton48 hour event for finding new solutions for industry challengeschallehnges from Idea Hack will be discussed futher here and more IT companies will be involved. In the end of the 48 hours there will be choosen a winner.financied by Enterprize Estonia2 times per yearusually nationalwe looking for the possibilities to change this model and use Demobooster model

Smart Industry Idea Hack

during 8 hour event identification of main challenges of the industries - undrestanding their problems and giving first feedback as preparation for 48 hour event.

organiser have to find industries who come to present their challenges.

Industries, ICT companies and students are main participants

financied by Enterprize Estonia2 times per yearnational or international
Kickstart events pilot3 workshops for one group in one region. With the aim to lower the barrier in order to start the first steps of digitization.We use Sweden Kickstart model and try to export it to Estonia.financed by Diginno and Enterrize Estoniathis year we will have it 3 regionnational

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